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One of the most well-known problems concerning household foundations, is sinking. Foundations move and shift, with the changing of the ground beneath them. There are a number of ways that that can happen, however the common theme, is that your foundations will follow in the same direction. That can cause a real structural concern for your home, threatening the integrity on the whole. If you have noticed that your foundations have shifted significantly, it is essential that you source a leveling service right away. Give San Antonio House Leveling and Foundation Repair a call, and we will be able to supply our comprehensive house leveling service, to restore the stability and security of your home. 

Concrete Slab House Leveling

Concrete slabs are a very common choice of foundations in San Antonio, which in turn, makes them one of the most common examples of foundation sinking. As the ground beneath your home is affected by moisture and the changing of the hotter and cooler weather, it will contract and expand. This means that the soil will be continually growing and sinking, taking your concrete slabs with them. Also, if your home is growing near any large trees, you could well find that the roots have grown under your home and have lifted the ground, themselves. No matter the cause, it could be threatening your property and it is imperative, that you apply our home leveling service, for both normal homes and mobile homes. 


When dealing with concrete slabs, we use our proven method of leveling. This is known as slabjacking or sometimes, mudjacking. Essentially, this process aims to fill in the pockets of free space, below your slab. Cutting a whole in the concrete, we will pump in our filling material. As this fills the airspace below, it will start to lift up the slab, until it is at its intended, level position. We use a premium filling mix, whilst will harden into a durable installation and be able to hold your concrete surface in place, for a number of additional years. 

Crawl Space House Leveling

On the contrary, many San Antonio households base their foundation off of their crawl space. A system of piers and beams at the base of your home, your crawl space foundation is equally susceptible to the shifting that occurs in soil. A problem with this type of foundation will be easy to notice. You may well find that your floors have begun to sink or perhaps you have noticed new cracks in your walls, without an idea of how they got there. If you notice any of these, you should get in contact as soon as possible. 

Quality Pile Installation

To repair your crawl space foundations, we will use our tried and tested approach, of pile installation. Piles are essential reinforcing braces, that will be able to fully connect your home to the ground. It will evenly spread the load, meaning that your house will be properly supported. If this will be unsuitable however, we will use methods involving concrete foundations.

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