Drainage Repair - San Antonio, TX


Even if your home is waterproofed and your drainage installation is in place, you could still be suffering drainage issues. If your drainage system is not living up to the standards that you expect, or there is an issue with it, your home could very well be at risk. You should see when there is an issue with your systems, quite noticeably. If your walls are showing signs of water damage, there is cracking in your foundations or your crawl space is beginning to mold, you can assume your drainage is faulty. Give us a call right away, and we will come and find a suitable repairs solution.

Drainage System Repair

If the problem is in your drainage system, itself, we will be able to find out. Our team will carry out a full inspection on your drainage system, to ensure that it is working as it should be. We will test for any damage to the materials, to see if water is passing it through efficiently and if everything is working in the order that it should be. Wherever there is a problem, we will apply the appropriate replacement parts, to return it back to full quality. If there is an issue that can be repaired, you can bet that we will be able to do it.


One of the most common problems, of any drainage system, is the potential for it to clog. From organic debris, to pests that have found a way in, there are countless things which could block up your pipes. If your drainage does become clogged, it can stop the entire system from working. Water will quickly start to back up and will build around your foundations, causing them a direct threat to their integrity. To make sure this isn’t able to continue happening, it is necessary to unclog the system. We will be more than glad to do this for you, ensuring that your system is free and clear, to be fulfil its duty. 

Ways to Avoid Drainage Issues

There are a number of things which can add to your drainage issues. It is important to know what these are, so, that you can take the necessary steps towards improving them. Flowerbeds, for example, can lead to water being drained right towards your foundations, whilst falling leaves pose the obvious issue. These are examples of things that you can stay on top of, very easily. Essentially, you will want to do everything in your power to keep any debris away from the system and any water, properly managed.

Maintaining Soil

The soil, that makes up your land, can have a huge impact on the way that water is drained. If your property has no other plants growing on it, and that has been the case for more than a couple of years, you will likely have poor quality soil. On the contrary, land that is filled with more plants and trees will be able to drain moisture far better, both beautifying your property and protecting your home.

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