Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete Foundation Repair - San Antonio, TX


Concrete is used in a majority of household foundations, in some way. It is a very popular material to use, thanks to its strength and durability. For many decades, it has been a favored choice and it continues to serve people well. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t wear and degrade. As the material ages, it will eventually break down and it is at this point, that your home could be under threat. If your foundations have started to show signs of damage and wear, it is imperative that you source a repairs job as quickly as you can. Give us a call, at San Antonio House Leveling & Foundation Repair, for our dependable foundation repairs services.

Poured Concrete Foundation Repair

Coming in a wide variety of different styles, poured concrete is commonly used for foundations. Built into one whole structure, there cannot be room for inconsistencies. If there are and your foundations have been installed to any less than top-quality, they could wear down easily. When you need a repairs job for your poured concrete foundations, we will be glad to help. We will restore any cracking or spalling areas, reinforce the structure and ensure that it is able to continue supporting your family’s home.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair

The other common style of concrete foundation is one made from concrete slabs. Concrete slabs use less concrete to make and spread weight differently. There are a number of things, that cause slab foundations issues. Aside from the normal degradation of concrete, things like shifting soil and tree roots can have an affect on individual slabs. You absolutely need a professional to help you with your concrete slab repairs; so, it is lucky, that you can count on us. We will be able to help you with whatever your specific problem with slabs, from mudjacking to an entire replacement.

Basement Repairs

If your home is installed with a complete basement, the likelihood is, that this will be acting as your foundation. Basements are very different to the other styles of foundation, given the large area of free space in their interior. If your basement foundations were to fail, that could pose a very serious threat to the rest of your home. It is crucial, that you call a repairs specialist, if you notice any signs of damage to your basement structure. Keep a close eye out for cracked walls, sinking floors or anything else that sounds alarm bells, as these could be telltale signs, that you need repairs fast.

Protect Your Home

At the end of the day, the more care that you give your foundations, the better you protect your home. They are the single most important thing, in supporting the structure. Without them, our households would not be able to maintain themselves. That is why, when you notice any damages to your foundations or basement, it is absolutely vital that you contact San Antonio House Leveling & Foundation Repair.

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